The End is coming for SAS and SATA.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure can have its cake and eat it now as news from the bleeding edge of Virtualised Storage suggests that the end is just around the corner for SAS and SATA drives. Top VMWare Engineer and Technologist @MR__vSAN, Simon Todd has been discussing for some time the importance of the performance of full NVMe storage configurations and balancing the cost of that investment with a host of clients.

Customers looking to squeeze every last drop of performance from their HCI units with ever constrained budgets will now find that your can now replace the drives in your HCI clusters in greater numbers and get the performance that your workloads really need. In Simon’s latest blog he delivers news from the front of what he’s seen to be a vital moment in storage which will see running costs and performance no longer be such a difficult trade off. Mr VSAN explains in great depth about QLC NVMe and his tests with Intel’s latest units.

For further detailed reading on this section see Simon Todd’s blog post on this.

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